Christy Levy

About Christy

Christy helps people discover and process the unseen causes of the insecurity, disharmony, imbalance and anxiety that are blocking them from their innate potential. Through life experience, you have created mental constructs that have become self-limiting. To experience the unimaginable, you must uncover, redefine and process beliefs that stand between you and everything you truly want.

Christy’s abilities allow her to see what you cannot see. She has access to nonphysical entities, spirit guides and even loved ones who have transitioned. If you have an issue, you will not see it, because you exist in the illusion. If you have a question, the answer will elude you, because you remain in the vibration of the question. Your guides and loved ones view you and your life from the highest perspective, so they will know the root cause of any issue. They will illuminate it and then give you action steps to address it.

You are a spiritual being living a physical life on a journey of expansion and self-discovery. You are meant to live this life in limitless joy, freedom and abundance. All issues, problems and unwanted conditions are based in a mental construct that you believe is true. You’ve had many experiences and have adopted many beliefs along the way. It’s now time to unravel your self-limiting belief structure by understanding your true nature. In the process, you will set yourself free.