Christy Levy

About Christy

Christy helps people discover and process the unseen causes of the insecurity, disharmony, imbalance and anxiety that are blocking them from their innate potential. Through life experience, you have created mental constructs that have become self-limiting. To experience the unimaginable, you must uncover, redefine and process beliefs that stand between you and everything you truly want.

Christy’s abilities allow her to see what you cannot see. She has access to nonphysical entities, spirit guides and even loved ones who have transitioned. If you have an issue, you will not see it, because you exist in the illusion. If you have a question, the answer will elude you, because you remain in the vibration of the question. Your guides and loved ones view you and your life from the highest perspective, so they will know the root cause of any issue. They will illuminate it and then give you action steps to address it.

Christy Levy

Spiritual readings

Spiritual readings are available for individuals and family groups. Christy uses her intuitive spiritual gifts to connect to those on the other side of the veil — passed loved ones, spirit guides, The White Light, etc.

She brings through messages and information about an individual’s life path.

Those in the nonphysical realm come forward to share their perspective and help you see the truth of any situation.


basic training

The only way to create the life you truly want is through actively raising your perspective of yourself in every area of your life.

The Basic Training program is a 5-week course designed to create an experience that will cause a shift in your perspective in all areas of your life. The change will be lasting, obvious and build the foundation needed to create the life you truly want. This is a fully channelled course created in collaboration with Joshua (channeled by Gary Temple Bodley) and The White Light (channelled by Christy Levy).

It is your perspective that causes you The course was designed to work for anyone no matter their lifestyle, time demands or current financial conditions. Whether you have been listening to Joshua for years or just days, this program will meet you where you are. It’s for everyone!

Radically Raise Your Perspective

Take the 7-Day Course

You emit a vibrational signal and the universe responds by bringing to you a reality that matches your signal. Change your signal and your reality will adjust over time to match your new signal.

Your vibration in the culmination of all of your fears, desires, experiences, pre-birth intentions and beliefs. The vibration you have been offering is largely due to your overall set of beliefs. You have some very empowering beliefs, which have led to the creation of the wonderful life you now enjoy. But you also have some limiting beliefs and they limit you from experiencing much more out of life.

If you can adjust your beliefs from limiting to more empowering, you will create the life of your dreams.

But how does one go about discovering and then processing their limiting beliefs?

There is a system within the universe that allows you to discover those beliefs that are limiting.

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